Can Tippers

Can Tippers
PailPRO 5-gallon pail handlers 5-Gallon Can Tippers to Dispense from your 5-Gallon Pails / Buckets

5-Gallon Bucket Tilters / Pail Tippers / Bucket Cradles

Ergonomic PailPRO TM 5-Gallon Can Tippers / Pail Tilters / Bucket Tippers make it easy to pour from your 5-gallon pail or can. They simplify and speed dispensing, while reducing risks of repetitive lifting.

Eliminate the need to repeatedly lift a heavy 5-gallon pail. Simply set your can or pail into the 5-gallon bucket holder, and adjust the catch assembly to the height of your can. Then it’s readily convenient to dispense from your pail – just use the top handle to tilt, pivot and pour.

Improve ergonomics and reduce the risks of repetitive lifting with a PailPRO TM 5-Gallon Can Tipping Stand.

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