Morse Drum Cradles

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Industrial Drum Handling Equipment.

Drum Cradles to move, position and dispense drum
Drum Cradle Trucks / Tilting Drum Stands
Drum Carts / Drum Upender / Drum Tipper

  1. Model 31 Tipping Lever for Use with Model 40 or 40-30
  2. Model 32 Drum Upender / Drum Tipper and Model 32M with Spark Resistant
  3. Model 36 and Model 36-SS 55-Gallon Drum Cradle Trucks with Retractable Tipping Lever
  4. Model 40 55-Gallon Drum Cradle / Drum Stand – Use as shown with Model 31 Tipping Lever (sold separately) to position drum for dispensing
  5. Model 46 Drum Cradle Truck for 15-Gallon Drum (57 liter drum)

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