MORStop Tilt-Brake

MORStop Tilt-Brake

The unique MORStopTM Tilt-Brake automatically stops and holds the drum tilt angle! It is a simple, compact anti-backdrive device which functions smoothly and quietly in both directions.

Without the MORStopTM Tilt-Brake, a heavy unbalanced drum may tilt out of control. Operators may need to manually lock the pull-chain or hand crank to prevent unwanted drum rotation. The MORStopTM Tilt-Brake eliminates this need.

The MORStopTM Tilt-Brake option is available on many models in the Morse Drum Karriers and also fits any manual tilt product using a Morse style gear block.

Order Option # 3900i-P to have the MORStopTM Tilt-Brake
installed on your new drum handler.

You may also order MORStopTM Tilt-Brake # 3900-P
for field installation on your existing unit.

Hand Crank is also available
separately as part # 5U-P.

Chain Wheel and Hand Wheel
options also available.

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