Power Tilt Below-Hook Kontrol-Karriers

Powered Drum Handler
Power Tilt Below-Hook Kontrol-Karriers

Lift, rotate and pour a heavy drum with your hoist or crane
Morse engineers have designed these below-hook lifting devices with motordriven drum tilt for below hook applications. More than just a 55-gallondrum dumper (210 liter drum dumper), you have full 360 degree control of thepowered drum rotation to dispense with this industrial lifting equipment.

Power Tilt Kontrol-Karrier with AC power drum tilt.
PowerTilt Kontrol-Karriers
Model 195A-1-115 shown has Power Tilt Kontrol-Karrierwith AC power tilt control has a two-button control pendant. •Motorized drum rotation 360o in bothdirections
• AC Power Tilt models have 2-button pendant on 7 footcord (2.1 m cord)
• Air Power Tilt models have 3 position control valve on6 foot (183 cm) hose
•A vailable with single phase AC motor, 3-phase ACmotor, or air motor
• Designed for 22.5″ (57 cm) diameter 55-gallon steeldrum (210 liter steel drum). See options below for other drum types andsizes.
• Capacity: 1500 Lb. (680 kg) Full drum, 800 Lb. (363kg) Half-full drum
• Order the correct size Diameter Adaptor for each smaller drum

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