MorSTAK Drum Rackers Up to 8.5' High

MorSTAK Drum Rackers Up to 8.5′ High

Drum Racker / Drum Stacker
MORStakTM DrumRackers Bring Ergonomics to Drum Racking

Rack your 55-gallon (210 liter) steel or plastic drum with top rim up to 8.5 feet(2.59 m) high! The material handling solution for safe,efficient drum racking.

This modern material handling equipment includes powered lift and tilt. Lift your drum, tilt it to horizontal and set it into your drum rack, establishing a safety conscious, efficient 55-gallon drum rack storage system.

Model 620-115 MORStak TM Drum Rack Loader shown has battery powered lift and tilt.

Safety conscious material handling:
The MORStakTM drum racker is your material handling solution for safety conscious, efficient andcost effective drum storage and retrieval. MORStak TM drum rackers replace unsafe “bare fork” handling of drums using large,expensive fork trucks.

Compact MORStakTM drum rack loaders provide an ergonomic safety conscious way to place drums into and retrieve them from your drum rack

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Mprse Products

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