Forklift Mounted Drum Rackers

MORStak(tm) Forklift Mounted Drum Rackers

Fork truck attachments to rack drums

With the safety conscious MORStakTM Forklift Mounted Drum Rackers, you can move drums on and off racks, pallets, trucks, etc. with your forklift. Lift an upright drum and place in horizontal position. Rack rimmed 55-gallon (210 liter) steel or plastic drums weighing up to 800 Lb. (363 kg) side by side with virtually zero clearance between them. Handle your drum with a drum faucet in place (see diagram), allowing your drum rack to serve as a dispensing station.

Forklift mounted drum racker with optional wireless drum tilt control.

Morse Model 289F morstak fork-mounted drum racker, 12v dc power tilt, rimmed 55-gallon steel or poly drum only, 800 lb. capacity

Morse drum

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