82A Drum Paletizer that Pours

Morse Series 82A Drum Palletizers that pour

Morse Drum Palletizers allow you to move drums on and off shipping pallets, spill containment pallets, and drum dollies. The V-shaped base is designed so you can raise and place a drum at the corners of a pallet. Manually tilt drum to pour at up to 26″ (66 cm) high without the safety risks of manhandling heavy drums. You can rotate your drum 360 degrees end-over-end. Lock drum at horizontal to dispense, or lock drum upright to prevent spills while transporting.

Models are available with ergonomic power-lift to raise your drum with AC, DC or Air power-lift

Lift, transport, pour and palletize drum

Drum palletizers that pour handle a 22.5″ to 23.5″ (57.2 to 59.7 cm) diameter drum

  • Lift upright drum up to 20″ (50.8 cm) above floor.
  • Maximum dispensing height: 26″ (66 cm) with horizontal drum
  • 55-Gallon (210 liter) steel drum in horizontal position reaches 18.5″ (47 cm) beyond the wheels of the V-shaped base
  • Place or retrieve a drum at the corner of pallets
  • Straddle a pallet up to 41″ (104 cm) wide and 7″ (17.8 cm) tall
  • Capacity: 600 Lb. (272 kg)

Effort to Tilt Drum
Effort required to tilt drum depends on several factors. A balanced 600 Lb. (272 kg) drum will pivot on the fulcrum far easier than a bottom heavy unbalanced drum of the same weight

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Options and Accessories
Top Rim Clamp for your 55-Gallon Rimmed Plastic or Fiber Drum.
The 4560-P Top Rim Clamp holds the drum at a fixed point under the top drum lip, and allows rotating a drum that is up to 36″ tall. See: swing clearance drawing.

Bracket Assembly for Rimless Plastic Drum, and recommended to more securely handle Fiber Drum.
The 4556-P Bracket holds the drum at a fixed point under the bottom of the drum. The 4556-P can be used with a drum from 31″ to 39″ tall.

ME-55/30 Series
Diameter Adapters for your smaller drums

Kit to permanently convert 82A to 82H Drum Palletizer / Mover

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