About MORcinch™ Drum Handling System

MORCINCH™ Options to Handle a Plastic Drum, a Fiber Drum, or a Smaller Drum

MORCINCH™ Options allow you to handle a 55-gallon (210 liter) plastic drum, a steel drum, a fiber drum, or even a smaller drum with one Morse drum handler. Many Morse drum handlers accept MORCINCH™Options to handle your 55-gallon plastic drum. A well designed plastic drum handler must take into consideration the fact that plastic drums are flexible and lack the supporting ribs that are on most steel drums. The MORCINCH™ Options below are designed to prevent a plastic drum from slipping through the drum holder. To ensure safety, choose the correct 55-gallon plastic drum holder for your particular drum.

Install on your Morse drum handler. MORCINCH™ Options are NOT drum handlers by themselves.

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