GRIP+GO ™ Power-Grip Fork-Mount Drum Handler – 4/2019

Model 290F Grip+GoTM
Use the new Morse model # 290F GRIP+GOTM power-grip fork mount drum handler to lift, move and pour a drum right from your forklift. You can FULLY invert a drum. . . turning the drum forward 180o. Control the drum tilt function all the way from upright to fully inverted.

Grab a drum off the floor, from a pallet, racking, trucks, etc.

The drum turns down BETWEEN the forks, close to the forklift. The compact design (dimensioned drawing on spec sheet) provides a tight turning radius. And the GRIP+GOTM weighs just 680 Lb. (308 kg) for minimal lost load on your equipment.

Self-contained 12V battery powers the grip and tilt function, requiring no connection to your lift’s power or hydraulics. The battery and charger are included.

The control pendant has built-in safety features to help prevent unintentional release of a drum.

Factory installed Option # 6149i-P Wireless control is available.

The GRIP+GOTM requires 25″ (63.5 cm) between the forks, as the fork pockets are 25″ apart for clearance around a typical 24″ (61 cm) diameter 55-gallon (210 liter) drum.

Model 290F grips a drum with 8″ x 16″ (20 x 41 cm) jaws. The grip pressure is adjustable for handling a steel, plastic or fiber drum.

Handle various drums:
14″ to 24″ (35.6 to 61 cm) diameter
Typical 15-gallon to 55-gallon
(55 to 210 liter)
Capacity: 1500 Lb. (680 kg)

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