Portable Drum Rollers

Morse 201 Series 55-Gallon Drum Mixers

55-Gallon (210 liter) Portable Drum Rollers
Mix contents right inside a sealed drum
Roll a closed drum to mix and blend the contents
Mixing 55-gallon drums is easy with Morse industrial drum mixers

    Compact industrial 55-gallon drum mixers roll a closed drum on its side to agitate the contents.
    Mixing a sealed drum blends contents while eliminating worker exposure and reducing clean-up.
    Use separate drum for each batch.
    Portable 55-gallon drum mixers agitate drum contents without opening the drum!
    Utilize important ingredients that would otherwise be left in unmixed sediment.
    Eliminate the clean-up of insertion mixers.
    Use as a drain stand to dispense into a 5-gallon (20 liter) pail.

Portable drum rollers are available drum with 20 RPM fixed speed, or variable speed to rotate a 55-gallon (210 liter) drum from 15 to 24 RPM

Agitate your drum’s contents without even opening the drum! Incorporate important stratified or settled ingredients and eliminate sediment in the bottom of your drum.

Mixing in closed drums eliminates the hazards of worker exposure, and the messy cleanup associated with insertion mixers. This compact, portable mixer rolls a closed drum to blend the contents. You may also dispense directly from a drum through a faucet.

The built-in tipping bar provides leverage to assist in loading a drum upright onto the drum roller, and setting the drum back to upright when drum mixing is finished. The sides and back are enclosed to protect the drive.

OSHA Requires Enclosure with Safety Interlock for ALL drum rotators

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