Heavy-Duty Hydra-Lift Karriers

Morse 410 Series Heavy-Duty Hydra-Lift Karriers

Drum carrier to lift and pour a 1200 Lb. (545 kg) drum up to 72″ (183 cm) high.
Heavy-Duty Hydra-Lift Karriers provide controlled dispensing of your drum.

Safe drum handling requires well-designed, ergonomic drum handling equipment to reduce risks of injury or property damage. Heavy-Duty Hydra-Lift Drum Karriers combine incredible strength with simple drum handling by one person.

With Heavy-Duty Hydra-Lift Karriers you can lift a 1200 Lb. (545 kg) drum, and turn it 360 degrees in either direction to pour up to 72″ (183 cm) high.

Drum carriers are available with battery, electric, or air powered lift and tilt.


  • Lift, move, rotate and drain your heavy 55-gallon (210 liter) steel drum at up to 72″ (183 cm) maximum pour height
  • Drum Carrier Capacity
    • 1200 Lb. (545 kg) Full drum
    • 600 Lb. (272 kg) Half-full drum*
  • MORCINCH TM drum handling system automatically cinches from 23.5″ down to 22″ diameter drum
  • Dual hydraulic cylinders increase capacity and add stability
  • Parallel legs provide a compact footprint – 65-3/8″ x 35-3/8″ (166 x 90 cm)
  • Durable nylon wheels and swivel casters travel smoothly under heavy load
  • Step-down floor lock holds unit in place while dispensing drum


  • Install MORCINCH TM Options to handle almost any drum
  • Top Rim Clamp for a rimmed plastic drum
  • Bracket Assembly for a rimless plastic drum, or to more securely hold a fiber drum
  • Diameter Adaptors for various sizes of smaller drums
  • Handle drum with drum faucet or drum cone in place
  • Models available with Spark Resistant Parts

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