Mobile 82H-125 Drum Palletizer

Morse Drum Palletizer Model 82H-125 with Battery Power Lift

Drum Transporters / Drum Palletizers / Drum Movers
Transport drums, and move rimmed drums on and off pallets up to 19″ high.
Pallet loading barrel movers

Lift and transport drums and barrels. Move drums on and off pallets, spill containment pallets in upright position, and drum dollies. Lift an upright drum 19″ (48.3 cm) high. The V-Shaped base of these drum movers allows you to raise and place a drum at the corner of pallets. The base of the drum mover will straddle a pallet up to 41″ (104 cm) wide and 7″ (18 cm) tall.

Equip your drum transporter with Power-Lift Options for more ergonomic means to raise drums. Drum movers are available with AC, DC or Air power-lift options. Model 82H-125 drum transporter / palletizer shown has battery-powered lift. It is supplied with a separate charger.

Transporters to lift and move an upright drum
These drum movers and palletizers / depalletizers have jaws to grip the top rim of an upright drum, allowing you to efficiently lift a drum onto and off pallets and transport drum. The completely mechanical, automatic grip has wide jaws and is built to last.

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