Drum Palletizer with Geared Tilt

Morse Model 82A and Options

Drum Palletizers with Geared Tilt to control drum pouring.
Hand Crank Geared Tilt makes it easy to pour a drum.

Move, palletize and pour a plastic, steel or fiber drum with the Morse Drum Palletizer and Pourers. An ergonomic and safety conscious way to dispense a drum at up to 26″ (66 cm) high. Eliminates the safety risks of manhandling heavy drums. The Geared Tilt feature allows you to control drum rotation 360 degrees end-over-end in either direction.

Morse Drum Palletizers allow you to move drums on and off shipping pallets, spill containment pallets and drum dollies. The V-shaped base is designed so you can raise and place a drum at the corners of a pallet, or straddle a pallet up to 41″ (107 cm) wide and 7″ (17.8 cm) tall.

We recommend the MORStop Tilt-Brake (Option # 3900i-P) factory installed to automatically lock and hold the drum tilt angle, until you turn the hand crank again.

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