Vertical-Lift Drum Pourer

Morse 510 & 520 Series Mobile Vertical-Lift Drum Pourers

Drum lifters on wheels designed to lift and pour a drum at up to 106″ high (269 cm high)

More than just a drum dumper. . .
. . .controlled drum dispensing

Vertical-Lift Drum Pourers make it simple to raise and pour a heavy drum. You control the drum pouring angle and height while you dispense. The compact base and quality components of this Vertical-Lift drum handler make it easy to maneuver. Pour your drum with a drum faucet or drum cone in place.

Vertical-Lift Drum Pourers provide controlled drum pouring – Turn drum 360o in either direction

  • Two-Stage Vertical-Lift Drum Pourers allow you to pour a drum up to 106″ (269 cm) high
  • Single-Stage Vertical-Lift Drum Pourers allow you to pour a drum up to 60″ (152 cm) high


  • 800 Lb. (363 kg) Full drum
  • 500 Lb. (227 kg) Half-full drum*

It’s a CINCH to handle almost any drum, with the
MORcinch Drum Handling System

  • Drum holder automatically cinches for 22″ to 23.5″ (56 to 59.7 cm) diameter drum
  • Accepts MORcinch Options to handle your plastic drum
  • Accepts Diameter Adaptors for your smaller drums
  • Includes safety covered gears for your protection
  • Has durable stress-relief weld joints for years of service
  • Cinch chain has flexible chain cover to help protect drum sidewall
  • Polyester Web Strap and Ratchet Option
  • Vertical-Lift drum handlers are available with

Power Lift and Power Drum Tilt for ergonomic drum pouring

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